Managing a Homeowners Association is not easy, but with the expertise and organization our property managers provide, your homeowners association will flourish.  We understand you need someone to represent your community and handle all of the day-to-day bookkeeping, problem solving, and maintenance.  It can be overwhelming for a board made up of homeowners to handle all of the work involved in keeping everyone happy and making sure that foreseeable problems are prevented.

We’ve discovered most volunteer HOA boards have a difficult time maintaining a sufficient budget, facilitating necessary maintenance, auditing accounts, coordinating legal counsel, collecting dues, managing accounts that are delinquent, etc.  Our Team understands that those who volunteer their time to be a HOA board member, in addition to working, parenting, travel, whichever it may be, it is time consuming and tricky to juggle.

When looking for a new association management company, it’s best to find one that fits with your association’s lifestyle and members’ needs.  At Reliant we can customize the services and provide the quality management you need.  Our holistic approach to property management not only sets us apart within the industry, but allows us to accomplish our primary mission as well: to build better communities for the Associations we serve.

Our goal is to help Associations create an effective and resilient culture that is not dependent on any single Board member or individual. We help build better communities. We don't just manage, and we don't just overlook the difficult; we partner with you and find solutions then put them to work.

We have a firm grasp on how associations need to be run in order to maintain accurate records, mediate problems, and provide emergency assistance when and if necessary.  Contact us today and find out what we can do for your association. 

Our broker, Ruth Browning, holds the following community management designations:

  • Certified Community Association Manager® (CCAM), issued by California Association of Community Managers, (2006-current)
  • Certified Community of Association Manager® (CMCA), #3866, issued by National Board of Certification for Community Association Managers, (2001--2017)
  • Association Management Specialist® (AMS), issued by Community Associations Institute, (2004-2017)