Our services focus on taking care of the two most valuable assets involved in successful rental management – your property and your tenant.  We recognize property management is the foundation for long term value and we will tailor-make a management package for your specific asset and objectives.  Reliant will partner with you so you can focus on enjoying your life. We believe it is more productive for you to focus on building your long-term wealth with real estate than the details of managing the rental relationship.

As your property management company we take the headache of renting off your shoulders. No more rent collection. No more phone calls from tenants with problems. No more screening out unqualified tenants. Let us handle your rental property's needs while you spend more time doing the things you love.

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With this in mind, here are some critical tasks a Reliant Real Estate Solutions property manager can help you with:


  • Online advertising at NO additional cost
  • Photography of interior and exterior at NO extra cost
  • Property renovation and staging recommendations
  • Marketing and showing begin when we know of an upcoming vacancy
  • FREE advertising on our website, social media, and for rent sites
  • A significant percentage of our applications come to us via client and tenant referrals
  • Negotiation of lease terms


Tenant Screening and Retention

  • National credit, bankruptcy, collection, and eviction reports
  • Rental references verified
  • Income verified
  • Fair Housing Laws are followed to ensure compliance
  • Leases are timed to maximize rents at prime leasing periods
  • Enjoy lower turnover and vacancy rates
  • Lease renewals


Protecting Your Investment

  • Written move in and move out property condition documentation with photographs
  • Routine, unannounced property checks
  • Annual, detailed interior property inspections
  • Prompt resolution of maintenance issues



  • Owner access 24/7 through our Owner Portal
  • Computerized financial reports providing accurate information
  • Deposit of all rent and security deposits
  • Late payments follow-up and service of notices when necessary
  • Owner draws are direct deposited to your financial institution
  • Monthly Financial Statements emailed directly to your Inbox. Paper statements upon request.  Statements are sent to the Owner on the 20th of each month.  These statements will show all receipts, disbursements, and account balances.
  • Timely direct deposits of Owner disposition
  • Accurate accounting of tenant Security Deposits
  • Payment of invoices – Upon receipt of invoices for service we verify the service address, billing date, work authorization, etc. Invoices for services are paid at the amount billed – NO upcharges. 
  • Annual income tax documentation at no additional charge



  • 24/7 Emergency maintenance procedures. All maintenance requests are directed to our office.  The resident is questioned briefly about the nature of the request to determine if the problem can be solved without professional assistance.  If assistance is required, the proper vendor is dispatched.
  • A well maintained property will rent more quickly and at higher amount
  • Repairs are handled by insured vendors
  • All maintenance is performed by screened and qualified contractors
  • Tenants are billed for tenant caused repairs in excess of normal wear and tear
  • Tenants can make maintenance requests online and submit pictures of the issue
  • NO mark up on vendor invoices
  • Owners are consulted for repairs above the manager’s pre-authorized limits


Evictions:  Do you currently have a deadbeat tenant that you would like to be rid of? Has each month become a continuing saga of tough breaks and bad luck stories from your tenant? Have you fallen into the trap? Of course, nobody wins when an eviction happens, so our property management style is to strive for a solution with the tenant. But allowing a habitually-late paying tenant to remain forever in arrears only postpones the inevitable day when they skip out owing you rent, and possibly leaving your property a mess. Eviction for nonpayment is fast and certain—when the steps are executed properly. We have been through the complete eviction process from filing Unlawful Detainers to the collection process. The quicker the eviction is filed, the sooner your property is back to making money. (NOTE: We are not able to provide legal advice.)